By making a detailed comparison of your home to similar, recently sold homes in your neighborhood, together we can determine the true value of your property with adjustments for local market conditions and relevant economic factors.  This is called a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.  And to bring you up to speed on recent sales and current listings in your area,we'll prepare a custom Multiple Listing search and have the results automatically emailed to you daily.

Next, we'll discuss getting your home ready for presentation to prospective buyers by focusing on improvements and enhancements to achieve the highest possible selling price.

With your home ready for sale, we'll kick-off the marketing campaign to quickly present your home to the greatest number of qualified buyers, locally, nationally, and overseas. Using every available tool, we will aggresively market your property to ensure you receive maximum value.  This includes our Multiple Listing Service, an extensive network of personal contacts, our electronic newsletters, global websites, print advertising, signage, brochures, mailings, and open house events.  The marketing campaign is "on" round-the-clock until we've sold your home.

Regarding paperwork, compliance with statutory disclosures, and inspections, we handle every detail in the process to ensure a smooth and successful escrow.

Since we only receive compensation upon close of escrow, you can bet we work tirelessly to sell your home and then coordinate the timing of the sale and closing with your purchase of another residence and move schedule.

Call or email us for a complimentary Listing Presentation and consultation.